Academy Awards 2019

Academy Awards 2019: lanca Blanco will be attending the 91st Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday evening with her longtime partner John Savage.

And by breakfast the Spychosis actress was already getting prepped for the big show. The star was seen with no makeup on and then, later, with a full face of paint.

The Washington state native gave an exclusive account of what she goes through to look just right for the star-studded event, which will see A Star Is Born, Roma, Vice and Bohemian Rhapsody, among other films, go head to head for Best Picture.

This year’s Academy Awards offers all the traditional reasons to tune in: Glimpses of the world’s biggest movie stars preening in couture gowns and borrowed diamonds. Great movies receiving the film industry’s highest accolade. Soaring speeches. Stunning upsets.

But for the 2019 edition, there’s an equally compelling reason to watch. It’s the final chapter to the year’s troubled, turbulent awards season. Live.

This Oscar season has been so fraught with missteps, backpedaling, Kevin Hart host-canceling, scandal, furor and controversy right up to this moment, that seeing it all come to a head-spinning conclusion in real time on television with a global audience is going to be a must.

If Oscar producers Donna Gigliotti and Glenn Weiss can pull off this host-less, ever-changing show with moments of poignancy, emotion and intended humor, they’re going to deserve an Emmy, a special Oscar and a guest appearance on “MacGyver.”

Adweek reports that advertisers have snapped up the full allotment of commercial time, running at $2.6 million for 30 seconds. Follow the money, because the people spending it know something.

Pulling off a host-less Oscars is the biggest hurdle and potentially most captivating scenario, bang at the show’s beginning. It’s like a figure skater stepping on the ice and attempting a triple axel jump.

In 2011, there was a host crisis when Eddie Murphy dropped out in November, before Billy Crystal rode in to save the day two days later. Still, many pondered if there would be enough time to pull off the show, which he did.

Hart flamed out of the host job in December following a furor over homophobic tweets revealed from his past. No one else wanted to step into the already thankless job, and the original idea of The Rock as host idea was genius, but he’s busy.

The internet is so hungry for someone to fill the void that it’s invented this scenario where Whoopi Goldberg, who’s gone missing from “The View,” is going to step in. Seriously? But wouldn’t that be something?

The last time we didn’t have a host for the Oscars was 1989 and the opening number featured the jaw-dropping scene of Rob Lowe dancing and singing with Snow White on a helium bender. Lowe is still banging his head against a wall about this.

Just seeing how the show’s producers handle the lack of host and opening when confronted with this kind of history is going to be worth ensuring you’re tuned in before the last A-lister waltzes off the red carpet into the Dolby Theatre.

Queen and Adam Lambert, whose performance was announced Monday with minimal ceremony and confirmed to USA TODAY as an opening act, could make people forget their host problem in one “We Will Rock You” stomp.

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